5th Asia Pacific ISSX Meeting was held in Tianjin

Commissioned by the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX), the Division of Drug Metabolism of the Chinese Pharmacological Society (also called China Society for Study of Xenobiotics, CSSX) successfully organized the 5th Asia Pacific ISSX (APISSX) Meeting in Tianjin during May 9-12, 2014. This meeting was co-organized by Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (TIPR).

APISSX meeting is held biennially in Asia Pacific region since 2006. The first four meetings were held in Cheju, Korea (2006), Shanghai China (2008), Bangkok, Thailand (2010) and Taiwan, China (2012), respectivelty.

The 5th APISSX Meeting is a successful fruit of the strategy cooperation and unity between ISSX and CSSX. Since the strategic partnership was built between ISSX and CSSX in 2009, four ISSX-CSSX joint meetings were held in Shanghai (2010), Guangzhou/Xi’an (2011), Nanjing (2012) and Zhengzhou (2013), respectively. The long cooperation laid the foundation of this meeting. On this meeting, Professor Zhenqing Zhang, Chair of CSSX, Professor Changxiao Liu, the co-chair of 5th APISSX Meeting, the honored director of TIPR, and Professor Zhuohan Hu, 5th APISSX Meeting, were awarded the Outstanding Contribution Trophy by the co-chair of Professor John Miners, Chair of ISSX.

The 5th APISSX Meeting provided an excellent chance for scientific communication. 552 professional researchers, students and specialists (including 83 overseas delegates) attended the meeting. 40 experts from USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland) gave presentations in 15 scientific fields. Professor Honghao Zhou from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Central South University, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Dafang Zhong from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to give KEYNOTE presentations. Professor Yan Li from Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences gave the specially invited presentation at the meeting.

The 5th APISSX Meeting reflected the growth of young researchers and students. 298 posters were exhibited on the meeting. 9 outstanding poster presentations were selected and awarded, in which 8 winners are graduate students or post-doctor in China. A notable point is that comparing to the past awards, the regional distribution of the winners in this meeting was more extensive.

The 5th APISSX Meeting exhibited a pragmatic spirit on supporting drug innovation. In order to support the domestic innovation of drug research and development, Dr. Qingli Wang from Center for Drug Evaluation, CFDA, Professor Changxiao Liu from TIPR, and Professor Zhuohan Hu from Fudan University presided a round table meeting named “Drug Innovation & Development – Challenge and Strategy in Drug Metabolism Research”. The round table meeting was sponsored by Tianjin Association for Science and Technology. 50 participants, including officers from FDA of US, Japan, Korea, and delegates from more than 10 pharmaceutical companies, attended the meeting. On the meeting, 5 topics including (1) Application and contribution of computer simulation in drug innovation and evaluation; (2) Application and contribution of drug interaction based on transporter in drug innovation and evaluation; (3) Challenges and countermeasures of CYP450 induced evaluation; (4) Research on DMPK evaluation using radioactive isotopes; (5) Drug metabolism of natural medicine (Chinese medicine), were deeply discussed. The round table meeting strongly supported the evaluation and research of drug interaction in domestic new drug R&D.

The 5th APISSX Meeting was a symbol for the strategy cooperation of ISSX and CSSX to continue with the past and open up the future. The bilateral annual working conference was held during the 5th APISSX Meeting time. 10 ISSX delegates, including Professor John Miners, the current chair, Professor Gooeff Tacker, the elected chair, Dr. Bill Smith, the past chair, Professor Ross Prough, the past chair, and Mr. Steve Kemp, the executive director, and CSSX delegates, including Professor Zhenqing Zhang, the current chair, Academician Changxiao Liu, the past chair, Professor Dafang Zhong, the vice-chair, Professor Kexin Liu, Professor Zhuohan Hu, and councilors form universities and institutes in China, attended the working conference. On the conference, the work summary in 2014 was reported, and the plans in 2015 (5th ISSX-CSSX Joint Meeting) and 2016 (ISSX Meeting in Busan, Korea) were discussed.

The 5th APISSX Meeting is a meeting full of friendship. Emceed by Dr. Ziqiang Cheng, (AZ China) and Dr. Haiyan Liu (Hengrui Pharmaceutical), students from different countries and regions gave excellent performances symbolizing friendship on the meeting banquet.

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